Can You Trust The Writing Planet?

The Writing Planet

$19.50 2 days notice








  • Reasonable pricing
  • Services up to Ph.D. level
  • Accept most payment methods


  • Foreign company
  • No refunds
  • You cannot choose your writer
  • Deceptive about location

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Who is The Writing Planet?

Although there is no “About Us” type of story on the site, we were able to gather a little bit of information about The Writing Planet in our search. First, on their “Contact” page, they say they’re in Fairfield, California. contact information from their website.

When we called the 800 number, it rang several times before a voicemail recording came on saying “You have reached the voice mailbox of…” and a man says a foreign name that we can’t make out enough to spell out for you. He speaks with an Indian accent. The phone number provided seems to be from a personal account, not a business. Call the number and see what you think!

How About the Writers?

When you go to the “Our Writers” page, it becomes clear right away that something is “off.” Read the following excerpt from the site. Do you think, as we do, that the wording reads foreign? I mean, people don’t talk like this. You can be sure that a professor would see all sorts of red flags if you handed in a paper with wording like this. Check it out.

Strange wording throughout the website at The Writing Planet.

Writing may or may not be your specialty, but high school and college teachers have a keen eye for gauging whether you wrote the paper or hired someone from India, or another foreign country to write it for you. If you turn in a paper with this kind of wording, it will stand out like a sore thumb.

How Much is a Paper?

It looks like the base rate is around $19-$20 per page with 2 days’ notice. Keep in mind that depending on your specific requirements and how many sources you need, the rate may go up. Since we didn’t order a paper, we don’t know what other fees are tacked on during the ordering process.

Pricing at The Writing Planet.

No Refunds:

The Writing Planet doesn’t seem to honor any refunds. They say you can have revisions, but no cash refunds. It’s kind of strange they mention no “cash” refunds since online you wouldn’t be using cash no matter how you pay. But what we read from their FAQ section regarding refunds is that you ain’t getting one no matter how hard you cry.

No refunds

What this means is that if you get back a failing grade, the company will not refund you.

Online Reviews:

We checked and to see what kind of reviews The Writing Planet has online. Sitejabber only lists two, so we don’t really count that. Two perfect reviews sound really suspicious. On to Trustpilot, where there are 46 reviews. Most of them are good, but a few of them complain about low-quality work.

As always, the best way to choose an online essay writing service is to build trust. You can do that by speaking to a customer service representative, asking your friends and classmates if they’ve tried the company out, and requesting some samples. Also, consider pricing, web content (does it look professional and like something a native English speaker wrote), and believability. Does what the company offer seem realistic, or too good to be true? reviews on Sitejabber.
Reviews on Trustpilot for The Writing Planet.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. Services up to Ph.D. level
  3. Accept most payment methods


  1. Appears to be a foreign company (possibly India)
  2. Don’t appear to honor refunds in any capacity
  3. Deceptive about where they are from (and their web content proves they’re not North American based)
  4. You have no say in choosing your writer

Our Verdict:

As always, when a company is deceptive about their location, it calls into question every other clam they make. Once you catch someone in a lie, it’s hard to trust anything they say after that, right? Look, they’re most likely not in a North American country. They have no online reviews. The voicemail on the number they provide is recorded by a foreigner. They don’t seem to offer refunds no matter the circumstances.

We cannot recommend this essay writing service.

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