Unemployed Professors Review – Foreign writers? (Updated 2022)

Unemployed Professors




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  • Reputable business
  • User reviews


  • Revisions were not done
  • Paid, but writer canceled/declined twice

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Who is Unemployed Professors?

According to their site, Unemployed Professors has been around since 2011. Having been in business that long, it’s no surprise they’ve got a large following on social media. However, does that following translate to thousands of happy customers? Read on to find out.

Taken from the “About Us” section at Unemployed Professors.

Writing Services Offered & More

Unemployed Professors, according to their website UnemployedProfessors.com, offers the following services:

  • Custom Essay
  • Term Paper
  • Research Paper
  • Book Report/Review, Movie Review
  • Coursework
  • Case Study
  • Lab Report
  • Speech/Presentation
  • Article
  • Article Critique
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • Reaction Paper
  • Admissions essays
  • & more

Where is Unemployed Professors located?

While the exact location of Unemployed Professors is not known, we do know that the business operates outside of Canada. However, a quick chat with their team of writers leads us to believe they’ve got a writing team based in Ukraine or possibly Kenya. Unfortunately, it appears that this “fun, legit” site uses foreign writers, like many of the other services we review. If you want a native English-speaking writer, do not use Unemployed Professors.
On their website, the customers are able to leave reviews and they mention that the writers write papers and then use Google Translate to convert them to English. One student said this resulted in her failing the paper after her professor called her out on it.

Unemployed Professors Pricing & Promo Code?

Unemployed Professors is one of the pricier sites that we’ve seen. Almost every paper request that we put in was met with a bid of $25/page. All writers bid the same and sent a generic message.

Unemployed Professors – Pay before being given a writer?

What was really dissapointing about Unemployed Professors is that you have to pay before you are guaranteed a writer. Their site will have various “bids” you can accept and pay for. However, once you pay, you have to wait for your writer to “confirm”. In two instances, given that our deadlines were about 16 hours away, the writer “declined” and our order was canceled. We were able to receive site credit, but not getting the papers was dissapointing. Let it be known, if you pay Unemployed Professors to write a paper, you may not get a writer if the deadline is short. They will take your money, though.

Unemployed Professors – Paper Quality

Now to the main point: Does Unemployed Professors deliver top quality as they claim they do?
Our answer is maybe. I’m confident any of the three papers we purchased would score at least a 80% if used at a U.S. college or university. The reason is that the writers are clearly foreign, so their grasp of the English language and general knowledge of what’s going on in North America may not be strong enough to execute a paper at the highest level. That being said, I do think they are higher in quality than most of the other essay writing services we review.


We were not able to get revisions after asking for them. The writer said they would do them within 24 hours, but our deadline was four hours away so we had to pass.

Our Verdict:

If you’re in a bind, consider Unemployed Professors. They aren’t a scam, but you will not get an American writer.

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  1. UnemployedProfessors got me a B on two projects. Not too bad, but i might just write this essay myself. Cheaper then doing it with them and I think I can get an A.

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