Can You Trust United Essays?

United Essays

Almost $38 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Simple website
  • They admit to being in Cyprus


  • Foreign essay service (Cyprus)
  • Expensive (almost $38 per page)
  • Very few reviews

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Who is United Essays?

United Essays doesn’t have an “About Us” page. They do, however, have a contact page that shows they’re location to be in Cyprus. Cyprus is not an English-speaking country, so from here on out we’ll proceed with caution.

United Essays is another essay writing service located in Cyprus “Contact Us” page

How Much is a Paper?

United Essays lists their prices as $24 or $34 per page with 2 days’ notice.

United Essays lists a lot of “Extras” on their pricing page. You can check those out if you’d like, but for now here is a clip from their quote page.

Add-on features at United Essays.

Depending on what add-on features you choose, that can really up your final bill, so be careful. Most of these features are unnecessary. In particular, we don’t necessarily agree with the protocol of charging customers more for “better” writers. At United Essays, like so many other essay writing services, they try to charge a lot more for various qualities of writers.

A “TOP” writer will cost you almost $38 per page.

Online Reviews:

There were not many reviews to browse for United Essays when we checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot. They were all glowing, so you draw your own conclusions. Sometimes reviews are fake, but that doesn’t mean United Essays paid for good reviews. It just means proceed with caution because most reputable companies have mixed reviews. reviews for United Essays. reviews for United Essays.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Simple website
  2. They admit they’re in a foreign country


  1. Foreign essay service (Cyprus)
  2. Expensive (especially with all of the add-on features)
  3. Very few reviews

Our Verdict:

We’re running out of original things to say about essay writing services like United Essays. They’re foreign. They push for too many “add-on” features” that jack up your bill. They seem to have fake reviews. Their prices are way, way higher than their homepage or Google page makes you initially think.

Look at this price on the homepage:

We could almost call this a bait and switch because you will most certainly not get a paper for $10 per page.

The real price per page with a reasonable deadline is over $37.00.

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