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Almost $52 per page with 2 days' notice







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Who is University Writing

University Writing says they’re an essay service founded in 2011, and based in Atlanta, Georgia. A quick domain search showed a physical address in Atlanta. But we couldn’t find a single review for this company, which is odd if they’ve been in business for 11 years!

They have a snappy little video in the “About Us” section that explains how things work. They explain that you can’t pick your own writer, which sucks. We all like to pick our own, especially since we’re paying for the service. Right? They neglect to tell you that it’ll cost you $52 per page for a simple admission essay.

Due to having absolutely NO online reviews, we can’t say if this is a foreign company or not. We can’t tell you about the quality of the writing. We can’t even find one person who admits to using University Writing!

What’s Up with Their Blog??

University Writing 911’s blog looks OK at first glance. But when you scroll down, look what you’ll see…

blog posts
Not sure how to word this except to call them unintelligible blogs??

If you click on these blog posts, it’s either jibberish or blank pages! What’s up with that?

How Much is a Paper?

Price Calculator
What a crazy-high price per page for an admissions essay at University Writing 911!
University Writing 911 expects prospective customers to give out all of this information just to get a basic price.

How on earth does University Writing 911 expect students (you know, the Ramen-eating, wearing the same shirt four times because you can’t afford to do laundry, begging Mom for another loan…) to afford nearly $52 per page for a simple admission’s essay?

You might have noticed that we checked “Graduate” on the prompt. Well, that’s because for an admission essay, you can’t select “Bachelor” or “High school” or anything less than graduate. For that reason, it seems like the price we show above is the LOWEST you’re going to get on this type of project.

Horrible Errors All Over the Site!

Errors all over the University Writing 911 site prove that these are not English-speaking writers!

Although University Writing claims to be in Atlanta, GA, multiple careless errors all over their site prove that these are NOT ENGLISH-SPEAKING WRITERS!!!!!!!

Online Reviews:

For an essay service that claims to have been in business since 2011, we couldn’t find a single online review for them. review shows no reviews for University 911. has no reviews for University Writing 911.

Pros & Cons:




  1. Highest prices we’ve ever seen
  2. You can’t select your own writer
  3. No online reviews

Our Verdict:

We could never confidently recommend an essay writing service that has zero online reviews, sky-high prices, and jibberish in place of blog posts.

Move on! There’s nothing to see here, folks!

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