Can You Trust Write Paper? (Updated 2021)

Write Paper

$13+ per page for 2 days' notice








  • Low Prices
  • Very Few Errors in Web Content


  • Foreign Company
  • Poses High Malware Risk
  • Suspicious Reviews
  • Forceful Chat Agents

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Who is the Team at Write Paper?

About us section of the Write Paper website

In the “About Us” section, they don’t reveal much about who makes up the team at Write Paper. They just tell us that they’re an essay writing service, basically. We looked into where their domain is registered to see if they’re a North American company and here’s what we found.

Write Paper domain is registered in Grand Cayman

The company domain is registered in the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory, part of Jamaica. But when we asked chat agent, David, he said this:

We suspected that his answers to our question regarding their location were sketchy, so we kept digging. After all, it should really be a simple question, “Where are you located?” But foreign companies never want to admit they’re outside North America. So, we checked Write Paper’s IP address (thankfully we have some tech-savvy friends) and here’s what came up.

High Risk for Malware on Write Paper

Write Paper is a high risk for malicious activity based on recent actions by their own IP address! Look at the fraudulent score: 93! That’s all kinds of crazy! Note: They are not located in Ashburn, Virginia. That only means their IP address is parked there at Amazon (if that’s over your head, don’t feel bad because it’s complicated stuff!). BOTTOM LINE: USING THIS SITE CAN MEAN MALWARE ATTACKS so please be careful! We can’t make this stuff up!

Let’s Move on to Pricing:

The homepage shows $11.40 per page, but it’s with 14 days notice!

Let’s change it to something more realistic. How about 2 days’ notice?

It doesn’t go up much, so this tells us that Write Paper has seriously low prices. By the time a writer did a 2-page paper and the company withheld their share, the writer would earn about $7-10 after taxes for minimum of 1.5-2 hours’ work. We don’t know many North American writers (degree-holding writers) that would agree to such a wage, but let’s move on.

Did the Chat Agent Fully Listen to (and comprehend) What I Asked?

Admittedly, we had a little fun here because David just seemed to want to end the chat with a sale, not so much ease a new customer’s mind regarding buying a paper.

At that point, we decided to let David off the hook. He didn’t understand and didn’t care to. All he wanted is the deal closed. If he had said, “I don’t know about themes in different books, but I can hook you up with a writer to get your questions answered,” that would have been really cool. We know some essay writing services that would definitely help a customer out with questions before ordering, such as and

Write Paper Blog Posts:

The site has a blog with four blog posts (last one in February 2021). The grammar is a bit “off” in places, but it’s not the worst we’ve seen. They have a sidebar that encourages you to place an order. We take no issue with that, but the prices on it are way off. Look at this.

They say writing projects are $8-12 per page. However, on their homepage, the price shows $11.40 per page for 2 weeks’ notice. We can’t figure out a scenario that would allow you to get a paper on Write Paper for $8.

Also, notice the word “travelling.” It has two “L’s.” This may seem minor, but it’s worth noting that Americans only use one “L” in “traveling.” See below. Grammarly shows that in America, one “L” is used in the word traveling.

Does this seem like a tiny thing to point out? Maybe, but your professor might count that spelling against you if you attend a US university. They may also begin to question if you hired a foreign writer for your paper. You’re welcome for that catch! That’s why we’re here!

Before We Go, Let’s Look at Reviews! reviews reviews

But when I asked David how long Write Paper has been in business, he said 7+ years. If they’ve been in business over seven years, why do they only have 9 total reviews on such big review sites? And that they’re all perfect reviews raises more than a few red flags!

Our Final Word:

We were going to list some pros and cons of using Write Paper to write your next essay. But when a company poses such a big Malware risk, lies about their location, and acts as though vampires as symbolism in Pride and Prejudice is perfectly normal…is there really much left to say?

Bottom line: Although the prices (even the real ones you get after punching in a typical deadline) are super low, we cannot recommend a company that is deceptive and poses serious risk to your computer and personal information.

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