Can You Trust Writers Pie?

Writers Pie

$21.25 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Been around since 2014
  • Wide array of services
  • Low prices


  • Seem to be foreign
  • Bold claims without proof (only hire Ph.D. writers)
  • Hard to lock down a real price (as you get varying ones on different pages of their site)

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Who is Writers Pie?

Writers Pie has an “About Us” section that explains their mission, vision, values, and goals. We show you the “Our Vision” clip below. The issue we have with all of these online essay writing services that claim to employ such masterful writers with advanced degrees, is, where is the proof? Show us that your writers really are so highly educated, don’t just tell us.

It’s hard to believe that Writers Pie employs only writers with Ph.D.’s.

Writers Pie says they’ve been around since 2014, and we were able to find reviews that date back to then to back it up. As for their location,

How Much is a Paper?

The price calculator shows $21.25 per page after the discount (this is with 2 days’ notice).

Unlike many essay writing services online, Writers Pie seems to actually offer you the price they claim on the price calculator. That was a refreshing find! The price calculator said $21.25 per page with 2 days’ notice, and that’s what we got when we filled out an order form, too.

Now let’s see if the chat agent quotes the same price…

The chat agent quoted us much higher than the price calculator for the same project.

Yikes, what happened? Let’s see his response to us questioning the price increase!

Hmm, we’re really confused now!

Yeah, not sure what just happened. Now, Channing offers us even lower than the price calculator! He’s now saying it’s only $14.23 per page. That is so far off from the $21.25 the price calculator and the order form each gave us.

Unfortunately, we can’t say for sure what the “per page” price is at Writers Pie. It almost sounds like you can haggle a bit with them, as Channing also asked what our budget is for the paper. Does that mean they’ll wiggle on the price if you ask? Perhaps!

Online Reviews:

We found some reviews on sites like Trustpilot and Sitejabber. They were mostly good, with a few reviewers claiming late projects, plagiarism, and unprofessionalism. Reviews shouldn’t be your only go-to source of information when deciding on an essay writing service, as the good ones can be fake and so can the bad ones. You should just gather information on the company as a whole and then make your decision. reviews for Writers Pie reviews for Writers Pie

Pros & Cons:


  1. The service has been around since 2014
  2. The have a wide array of services
  3. Low prices


  1. Possibly a foreign essay service (No American company could offer $14 per page)
  2. Unsubstantiated claims of employing only Ph.D. writers
  3. Hard to get an actual quote (we were given various prices for the same project)

Our Verdict:

There is good news and bad when it comes to Writers Pie. The good news is, the company has been around a while so hopefully they’ve learned from their biggest mistakes and can offer better quality than they did when they started out. They had a lot of plagiarism claims in reviews back in 2017, but maybe they’ve changed the way they operate since then.

The bad news is, it’s hard to get a straight answer on a quote. You get something different on the price calculator than you do from a chat agent. Then, the chat agents almost beg you to order, offering to discount the price to fit whatever you wanted. It’s not very professional. Also, they claim to be in Sparta, New Jersey but nothing about Writers Pie seems like they’re in the US.

The bold claims of hiring only advanced writers with Ph.D.’s is suspicious. There are a lot of negative reviews claiming plagiarism, poor writing quality, late papers, and other things that make us wary of Writers Pie. However, they’ve been in business a long time so it proves they’re legit in that way.

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