Can You Trust 99 Papers?

99 Papers

$30+ per page with 2 days' notice








  • You pick writer
  • Plenty of services offered


  • Foreign
  • High prices
  • Too many pushes for upcharges on unnecessary items

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Who is 99 Papers?

Although doesn’t have an “About Us” section, it seems clear that they’re a foreign essay writing service based on the grammatical errors and typos throughout the text on their website.

As you can see in the image above, not only do they write out their numbers without commas, making them appear really strange, they also have inflated numbers in their stats. For example, it’s very unlikely they have over 1,500 writers “online” at any given time. Think about that. How many online businesses employ 1,500 people? Not only that, even if they did, would all 1,500 be online at the same time, vying for papers? Not likely. How about over a million completed orders? That seems overly inflated, too. Just sayin’.

Above, you can see that they employ writers from all over the world, so you’ll want to make sure you speak to your writer ahead of time to make sure he or she fully understands the English language, as well as the requirements of your project.

The good news is that it appears you can pick your writer, which isn’t the case with many online essay writing services.

How Much is a Paper?

We’ll get to the price in a minute, but look at the images below. You’ll see that there are a lot of upgrades being pushed at 99 Papers.

As is the case with most foreign essay writing services, you’ll be charged more for a native English-speaking writer. Doesn’t that seem nonsensical to you?? Why, as an American student, do you have to be charged almost $9 more per page for an English-speaking writer?

99 Papers also pushes a lot of extra (unnecessary) services on you during the ordering process. You do not need summaries, plagiarism reports, or to pay $10 for priority support (which is describe as getting your questions answered by first-class professionals). Shouldn’t you expect to have your questions answered by top-notch professionals either way?

So, the price on a 1-page paper due in 2 days, is $30.10 since we wanted an English-speaking writer.

It doesn’t sit well with us to have to pay almost a third more for an English-speaking writer.

Our Verdict:

There are some scary reviews on claiming scams and also that 99 Papers doesn’t actually use native English-speaking writers after you pay more for them. You can check out reviews at and

A foreign essay writing service who doesn’t have an About Us section (proving no interest to develop a trusting relationship with you as a customer) and charges a lot more for a native English-speaking writer. Hmm. The $30.10 per-page rate is higher that average. The going rate is about $27 per page. Between the higher prices, lack of reviews, and big upcharge for a native English-speaking writer, we feel there’s better out there.

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