Can You Trust Essay Hub?

Essay Hub

$13.34 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Cheap
  • Plenty of reviews


  • Foreign (and dishonest about it)
  • False claims about writer qualifications

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Who is Essay Hub?

The “About” page on Essay Hub’s website is pretty basic. There’s a bit more than what we’re showing you above, but it’s all cut and dry. None of it delves into anything personal or anything that helps you relate to the owner/operators of the essay service. Honestly, it kind of seems like it could be the “About Us” page for any essay writing service.

They claim to be in Dover, Delaware but if you knew how many other essay services claim that, only to end up being in Cyprus or India, you’d be amazed. Look into it more closely if you want to be 100% certain you’re dealing with an American company before purchasing.

How Much is a Paper?

OK, seeing these prices it is fair to say that is NOT in the United States. There is absolutely no way American educated writers woud (or even could) work for such low rates. No way!

So, plan on foreign writers for your paper if you go with Essay Hub.

Our Verdict:

The only thing worse than a foreign college essay writing service is one that lies about being foreign. Essay Hub claims to be in the US. We can’t prove it, but every single thing we’re finding on them tells us they are FOREIGN.

If you look into Essay Hub and start asking them some questions, you’ll probably see they’re a foreign essay writing service.

The best thing we can tell you about Essay Hub is that their prices are dirt cheap. That is a good thing for your wallet, but if it’s written by non Native English speaking writers then it’s no bargain.

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