Why trust Essay Review King to give unbiased reviews?

Great question! There are a lot of fake review sites out there. As professionals, we can spot the phonies from the guys in white hats pretty easily. But the general public might need help deciding who to trust. At Essay Review King, we have college experience behind us, as well as thousands of collective hours of experience in detailed research, and a desire to provide nothing but the facts about each essay writing service. The rest is up to you!

Why should I look for American writers?

The truth is, you can go with whatever writer you feel the most comfortable with. In our experience, writers from primarily English speaking countries (US, Canada, parts of the UK) are the most proficient in English. Their grammar, syntax, and understanding of the English language most closely resembles yours. As you know, that equals less trouble with your professors when they’re reading your finished product.

Why do you try to trip up the chat agents?

Ah, that’s not fair! We don’t intentionally mess with them. What we’re actually doing is trying to ascertain whether or not they care! For example, are they there to help potential customers, or just close the sale? There is a BIG difference!

Who is the cheapest essay writing service out there?

There are plenty of cheap ones, and you don’t have to look far to find them. But ask yourself if “cheap” is your top qualifier for a writing service. Shouldn’t a more important question be, “Who offers the best quality?” This is your education, after all. You want a great writer, admins who treat you like a human being, and a price that is fair, with no hidden fees or agendas.

What if I pay for an essay and fail, and then am out all that money?

That’s what these reviews are for! We can’t promise you won’t get burned, but we can do tons of research on these essay writing services and tell you who your best bet is! We go by reviews, web content, pricing, refund policies, and many other factors to determine whether a company is worth trying. Remember, you can start with a small project to gauge trust with an essay service before diving in too deep!

Where is Essay Review King from?

We are based in the good old US of A, folks! Born and raised!

Can I get a cheap essay and then fix it up myself to save money?

Sure. You can do anything you want! Our advice, though, is to pay a little more and have it done right the first time. They say you get what you pay for in life. That is also true (with very few exceptions) with essay writing services. However, some are ridiculously high, and that’s just price gouging.

Do essay writing services offering tutoring?

Some of them do. Your best bet if you don’t see it listed in their services is to ask a customer service agent.

Should I upgrade to a “Premium” writer if that’s offered?

Most of the really good essay writing services won’t ask you to upgrade for a better writer because all of their writers will be outstanding. The truth is, you can upgrade all you want. It doesn’t guarantee you an “A” or even a stellar writer. How would you really know if that writer was “better” or has “over 5 years of experience?” It’s likely just another marketing ploy to squeeze a few extra bucks out of you.

How come some essay writing services charge extra for plagiarism reports?

This is another unnecessary “add-on” that companies offer to bilk you for more money. Any company worth their salt will make sure they don’t hand you back a plagiarized paper. You can also run it through Grammarly to be sure it’s all good. Don’t pay extra for that service, as it should be included in the price!