Can You Trust Academ Core?

Academ Core

$22 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Helpful chat agent
  • Plenty of services
  • Reasonable rates


  • Foreign company
  • No reviews
  • Expects customer to provide free copy of book for reports

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Who is Academcore?

About Us section on

Academcore claims to have American staff, writers, etc. They show smiling photos of their staff and say that they’ve been around a long time. All of their academic experts hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree, with 87% also holding a Master’s. Pretty impressive if it’s true, which we certainly have our doubts.

How Much is a Paper?

We filled out a basic prompt for a book report and got a price of almost $22 per page with a 2-day deadline.

We asked a chat agent to quote us, just to see if the price is consistent with the ordering form. Here’s how that went.

Chat agent didn’t understand basic prompt/instructions

It’s pretty unusual for an essay service to require free access to the book you need the paper about. In fact, we’ve never seen a situation where a student would be penalized for not providing a copy of the book.

After about 15 minutes of chat, with us answering a slew of questions and waiting long periods of time for responses, the agent didn’t give us a quote. She left the chat and didn’t return.

Online Reviews:

We couldn’t find any reviews for Academ Core. Why isn’t anyone leaving them a review, whether good or bad? It raises all kinds of red flags when an essay writing service doesn’t have a single review anywhere online. shows no reviews for Academ Core. shows no reviews for Academ Core.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Although chat agent took a long time with things, she tried to be helpful
  2. Plenty of services
  3. Reasonable rates


  1. Foreign company
  2. No reviews
  3. Expected us to provide the book for a report (unusual)

Our Verdict:

Academ Core has no online reviews. Therefore, you have to rely solely on their website claims, which is kind of scary.

Their prices are reasonable, depending on what kind of work you get back. You can’t pick your own writer, so that’s a con for sure.

The biggest red flag is that the chat agent just dropped the conversation after asking a host of questions about our project. She never gave us a price, just asked a bunch of questions and then walked away.

Ideally, you should feel confident after speaking with a chat agent or emailing Admin, that they can handle your project. You should never feel like a burden asking questions. You should be able to ask where the company is from if a native English-speaking writer will be utilized, and for that matter, you should get to pick your own writer. None of these are the case with Academ Core.

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