Can You Trust Essay Pro?

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*Updated review November 2023

Who is Essay Pro?

In the last review we did on Essay Pro, we told you that the chat agents will admit to being from Kenya, but this time that wasn’t the case. We got “Zoe,” who denied being in Kenya and simply said that Essay Pro is in the US.

Then, she immediately tried redirecting me to getting the order placed (as foreign essay writing services always do because all they want is your money).

Essay Pro is a Ukranian essay writing service that lies to students about being located in the USA so you’ll get a false sense of comfort. After all, you want an essay writing service who uses American or Canadian writers, correct?

Unfortunately, Essay Pro uses foreign writers. That’s the short answer to who they are, since the most important thing is who is going to writer your paper. The gross thing is that they lie about it.

How Much is a Paper?

The website at Essay Pro promises crazy-low prices like ten bucks a page. But, is that true?

Once you type in some basic criteria, you’ll see that the lowest price you can get is over $13 per page (with a couple days’ deadline). So, again with the lies. False advertising by luring you in with dirt-cheap prices like ten bucks a page.

As with many online essay writing services (well, the foreign ones anyway), you’ll get swamped with tons of offers that are generated by a bot. Fake profiles, etc. The usual with these foreign essay writing services, we assure you. That’s one of the reasons they’re so easy to spot.

Our Verdict:

Fake writer profiles. Deceptive chat agents who only want you to hurry up and order. Low prices, but foreign writers. Yuck. There are better essay writing services out there. You should be able to get an American or Canadian essay writing service that uses native English-speaking writers for about $27 per page. It’s not ten bucks, but then again, neither is Essay Pro!

You don’t need to settle for a foreign essay writing service who uses foreign writers and only wants your money. You deserve to ask questions, talk to American customer service agents, and feel comfortable with your transaction from start to finish.

When it comes to Essay Pro, we say try again. Something to keep in mind is that they have a LOT of marketing dollars and therefore can make themselves seen on Google searches. Additionally, they operate under many different essay writing service names, ensuring that they’ll get your business one way or another. Buyer beware!

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