Can You Trust Homework Help Global?

Homework Help Global

$37 per page








  • Comprehensive website


  • Seems foreign
  • Very high prices
  • Can't pick your writer

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Who is Homework Help Global?

Homework Help Global says they’ve been around since 2011 (see image below), but if you look at the next two images from and, you’ll see that there are NO reviews. Like, really? None? After 12 years in business?

They give a NYC address in the “Contact” section, but in our professional opinion Homework Help Global is a foreign essay writing service.

At Homework Help Global, you will not pick your own writer. Also, you can’t talk to your writer before paying for a paper. That’s not cool since you’re paying a lot of money and can’t connect with your writer to make sure he or she is on the same page as you with how to complete the project.

How Much is a Paper?

This is a high price compared to the competition. The average is about $27 per page. Even if Homework Help Global employs superior writers (and that’s unlikely) then $10 more a page than the average essay writing service still seems crazy.

Let’s say you are guaranteed a native English-speaking writer, then is it worth paying $10 more per page than the average essay writing service is charging? No, it isn’t and here’s why. We know for a fact (remember, all we do is research these guys all day) that some American essay writing services are using ALL American writers. Still, they’re able to charge around $27 per page. So, why pay that much more? We can’t connect those dots in any way that makes sense.

Our Verdict?

We can’t prove it, but these guys don’t seem like an American or Canadian essay writing service. They claim to have been in business since 2011 but we can’t find a single online review. Finally, the prices suck. They’re just too high. Nothing justifies that, but certainly not a company with no reviews.

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