Can You Trust BBQ Papers?

BBQ Papers

Over $33 per page







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Who is BBQ Papers?

BBQ Papers claims to be in Cleveland, Ohio. Why is their domain registered in Iceland, then? The site says they use writers all over the world, so be sure to check very carefully that you’re getting a native English-speaking writer if you buy a paper from them!

How Much is a Paper?

This price is higher than average by about $6 per page. If you get an outstanding paper back, that’s not a huge inconvenience. However, since the company is registered in Iceland, be careful what kind of writer you get.

Also, you can’t pick your own writer. For that price, I’d want to talk to my writer ahead of time and be sure I like him and feel he’s qualified.

Our Verdict:

The bottom line is, BBQ Papers claims to be in Cleveland, Ohio but is registered in Iceland. So, when they start off with a lie, where can you go from there? No one likes to be lied to. On top of that, papers are higher-priced that average. $6 or so isn’t bad if you’re ordering a 1-page paper, but if you need a longer one, it can mean an additional $60-$100 per project!

If being guaranteed a native English-speaking writer you get to pick for yourself (and speak to before paying) then BBQ Papers isn’t for you. Sorry.

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