Can You Trust Essay Hub?

Essay Hub

$13.34 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Multiple bids to choose from
  • Low prices


  • Foreign company
  • Poor quality web content
  • Operating under multiple business names

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Who is Essay Hub?

The “About Us” page says that Essay Hub uses all native English-speaking writers. In fact, they claim to have well over 1,000 active writers on the site (all are native English speakers according to the About Us page).

Essay Hub “About Us” page

After reading that clip, do you think it sounds like it was written by a native English-speaking writer? Have you (or anyone you know) ever described prices as “friendly?”

Keep reading to see if you find yourself scratching your head at the strange wording. For example, “If you’re looking for a site for essay cheap online-” seems like a total SEO ploy to cram as many key words in as possible, but the end result is just a bunch of incoherent sentences. Another example is, “Essayhub is an established that’s been offering…” An established what??

How Much is a Paper?

We started by using the calculator provided on the site.

The most basic paper will be over $13 per page with a 2-day deadline. Pretty cheap, right? Not the $11 the site promises initially, but still cheap.

Well, to get a more precise estimate, you need to create an account. Here’s the problem…when we tried to create an account with our dummy email, it said “An account with this email already exists.” We’ve never created an account with Essay Hub, which can only mean that Essay Hub is actually operating under another name (someone else we’ve reviewed before!). We aren’t sure which essay service Essay Hub is also going by (although we have our suspicions) but either way it’s deceptive, right?

The bids rolled in pretty quickly. Our prompt was a basic 1-page book report. Eighteen bids came in immediately (which means they were computer-generated) and all fell between $13.34 and $19.00 per page.

Every business operates slightly differently. However, after taxes, expenses, and other withholdings, Essay Hub can’t be paying their writers much. Do you believe that over 1,000 college-educated writers would be sitting around waiting to make a few bucks per hour?

Online Reviews: bans Essay Hub reviews reviews for Essay Hub

Trustpilot bans a lot of essay writing services, which they have done in this case. Sitejabber shows 90 reviews, and gives Essay Hub 4.5/5 stars. The problem is, the reviews are all completely ridiculous. Read a random sampling below and see if any American you’ve ever met talked this way.

For a company that claims to be American, there are so many signs that they’re foreign speaking writers creating the web content, running the site, and most likely, writing the papers.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Multiple bids roll in quickly after completing your prompt
  2. Low prices


  1. A foreign company pretending to be in the US
  2. Operating under multiple business names (meaning you could have a bad experience with an essay swervice and get them again under a different name…like Essay Hub!)
  3. Bad, bad writing in web content means papers written poorly, too

Our Verdict:

Essay Hub (or whoever they are) is a foreign company that tries to pass themselves off as American. Typical. Their web content is written poorly, their reviews look incredibly fake, and their prices are suspiciously low.

On top of all that, they are operating under multiple business names. So if you get an “F” with an essay service, you might get them again when you try Essay Hub. Not cool.

There are essay writing services that are truthful, high-quality, and utilize all native English-speaking writers. Our suggestion? Find one of those. The extra time you take could save your academic career!

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