Can You Trust Do My Essay? (Updated 2021)


$26 per page

Ease of Navigation on Website


Services Offered





  • Mid-range Pricing
  • Plenty of Services Offered
  • Clean Website


  • Lack of Reviews
  • Seemingly False Claims on Site
  • Foreign Company

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Is DoMyEssay a Legit Writing Service?

We hate to open with the exposure of lies on an essay service’s website, but you would be surprised at how quickly they jump out at you when you know what to look for! In this case, DoMyEssay claims to have great reviews on Trustpilot and sitejabber as you’ll see below.

But let’s go to Trustpilot’s and sitejabber’s sites to see the truth…

Sitejabber looks more promising, with over a hundred reviews. Most of them are strangely short reviews and even “customers” who haven’t received their project back but are giving the experience 5 stars. This all seems like it could be red flags, but it’s not obvious enough to call it suspicious yet.

Pricing: website

Sounds great, right? But it’s uncommon for students to give 20 days notice on a paper. Let’s change the due date to 24 hours, which is a much more likely deadline.

The adjusted price of $26.00 is not out of the ordinary. This price is fair for a one-page essay, if not even a tad lower than many other legit companies.

Services Offered:

The list of services is pretty common, and acceptable in comparison to other essay writing services. A possible red flag is in the FAQ when someone says they have a “huge” paper and the answer leads us to believe a writer with an advanced degree is sitting around waiting to complete it…so long as they have 3-hours’ notice.

Most papers get turned in on time?

We just had to add that claim in there because the site seems to make bold claims, yet admits that some papers simply don’t get returned to the students on time. That is unusual, to say the least. For example, they claim that all of their writers (as in 100%) have at least a Master’s degree, and many have a Ph.D. The likelihood of this claim being true is nill. When people have advanced degrees, they are not lining up for the pay that DoMyEssay is offering. That said, some of the writers may have advanced degrees. Probably nowhere near all of them, though.

The site offers samples (but are they really DoMyEssay’s work?):

We like that they offer samples, which are credible-looking examples. The main concern is that we have no way of knowing whether a DoMyEssay writer actually wrote the samples.


The site does not have a chat feature, but we have said before that we do not deduct points for this. Most chat agents are foreign anyway, so they are not always as helpful in answering questions as you may want them to be.

Where is DoMyEssay located?

That information is not listed on their website.

Our Verdict:

DoMyEssay is most likely a foreign company. When a writing service is from the US, they usually shout it from the rooftops. We couldn’t find anything about where the writers are from on the site. They take most payment forms, which is a good thing. There are not many terrible reviews to be found. However, DoMyEssay claims to be around for eight years, so we’re wondering why we aren’t seeing hundreds or even thousands of reviews. Unfortunately, they are probably padding their numbers quite a bit. They are not the worst company we’ve reviewed, for sure, but tread lightly since there is not enough data to give us a complete picture. What we will say, is that it’s highly unlikely they’ve been doing this for eight years.

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