Can You Trust College Essay (.org)?

College Essay (.org)

$19.50 per page with 2 days' notice








  • Low prices
  • Wide array of services


  • Foreign writers
  • Pushy chat agents
  • Purposely deceptive about location

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Who is College Essay?

The weird thing is, College Essay doesn’t have a “Contact Us” page. This is the first time we’ve seen this in all of our reviews. We asked a chat agent where the company is located and here’s what he said. writer chat feature.
The chat agent says College Essay is located in LA. That’s not true, and we’ll prove it.

There is no way College Essay is in the states. We have several reasons why we believe this to be true. First, the chat agent uses broken English and phrases that Americans do NOT use. We’re not going to point them out and alert College Essay to these red flags so they can rush and fix them. That would continue the cycle of them misleading customers.

Second, the prices are ridiculously low. No American-based company with American writers could ever operate with such low-cost essays. No way!

We found the possible owner of the company. We won’t call him out by name, but he’s supposedly in Maine. Well, in our professional opinion, we do not believe this guy is using American writers. We know what it costs to run an essay company because of our extensive research, and you just can’t offer $19 papers. No American degree-holding writer could live on what they’d walk away with after deductions.

This is worth exploring for just a second. Stay with us. The essay service (in this case, College Essay) likely takes half upfront. So the writer is now down to $9.50. Then, you’re supposed to withhold up to 25% for your taxes when you’re a freelance writer. That brings the writer down to $7.12 per page. That’s less than minium wage, and these writers are supposed to be college grads? Something isn’t adding up.

In conclusion about who College Essay is, it MIGHT be an American from Maine running the show, but he is NOT using American writers or chat agents. Also, the chat agents directly lie and say they’re in Los Angeles, even though the domain is registered in Maine (and the owner seems to be from there according to our research).

This is what ALL foreign essay writing services say regarding the origins of their writers.

How Much is a Paper?

The price calculator initially shows $19.50 (slashed from $39.00, but we’re not sure why).

The price calculator at College Essay.

Let’s see if the price increases as we continue on with the ordering process…

The price for a 1-page admissions essay is $19.50.

The price seems to actually be $19.50 per page with 2 days’ notice. This is a great deal IF and only if you get a native English-speaking writer.

Online Reviews:

We checked Sitejabber and Trustpilot. Honestly, there isn’t much to report from the minuscule amount of reviews we found on there. Quite frankly, they look fake. They might not be, and we never out and out accuse an essay service of posting fake reviews. But, check them out yourself at and and see what you think.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Cheap prices
  2. Wide array of services


  1. Foreign writers (and just all-around deceptive when it comes to the company’s whereabouts)
  2. Practically no reviews
  3. Pushy chat agents that only want to close the sale

Our Verdict:

The biggest issue we have, believe it or not, isn’t with the use of foreign writers. That alone is a huge problem, trust us! Your professors can catch a foreign-written paper a lot easier than you think. No, our biggest problem is that the company is purposely deceptive about its location. They don’t even have a “Contact Us” page, which is a sign they don’t want any part of you contacting them.

The chat agent directly lied to us when we asked where the company is located. He said LA, but the domain is registered in Maine. None of that matters because it’s highly likely that even if it’s an American running the show, he’s not using any American writers or chat agents. Therefore, it’s a foreign company.

We never recommend foreign companies because it’s your academic career at risk. There are native English-speaking writers that want to write your paper. They won’t give you bargain basement prices, but would you really want them to? Shouldn’t they be paid fairly to write a kick-ass paper for you?

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