Can You Trust eWriting Pal?

eWriting Pal









  • Low prices
  • Chat agents willing to negotiate


  • Foreign essay service
  • Operates under multiple business names
  • Many online claims of being scam artists

*Professor’s Den essay service ( and eWriting Pal have the same images on their homepage, which makes us strongly believe they’re the same outfit.

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Who is eWriting Pal?

For starters, eWriting Pal and Professor’s Den (another essay service) have eerily similar homepages. Of course, the logical explanation is that they’re the same outfit, not that we’d ever expect them to admit it.

Check out the phone number for eWriting Pal. It’s as if they don’t understand or don’t care about formatting a correct US phone number.

Notice in the image above that the phone number is completely wrong. Do they not understand how to correctly formulate a US phone number? Do they not care? Our guess is a little bit of both. One thing’s for sure: It’s not a typo. Look below.

The same weirdly formatted phone number is listed on eWriting Pal’s “Contact Us” page.

The same weirdly-formatted number appears on the “Contact Us” page at eWriting Pal, showing us that it wasn’t some sort of accidental slip on the web designer’s part. This is exactly how they think it should look.

We found some sites that claim eWriting Pal is a scam.
Another site that claims eWriting Pal are scammers.

It’s hard to say whether eWriting Pal are scammers, but there are plenty of people who are spreading the word that they are. So…

How Much is a Paper?

The pricing calculator shows the per-page cost of a paper at eWriting Pal as $16.50.

It looks like the price per page with 2 days’ notice is $16.50. That’s a low price, and there don’t seem to be any hidden costs. You can upgrade if you want for a fee, of course, but you don’t have to.

As we were browsing the site, a chat agent popped up and offered an 80% discount! Off of $16.50?? How low can eWriting Pal go, man?

So, eWriting Pal can charge $8 per page for a paper due in 2 days?? Starting to see why people claim they’re scammers! This price is just not possible for a good paper, folks. Period.

Online Reviews:

We found some online reviews on and, but you can check them out for yourselves. We opted not to list them here because we simply can’t endorse this service regardless of what reviews they have online. Let’s just say many people call them crooks, though.

Pros & Cons:


  1. Low prices
  2. Chat agents willing to negotiate


  1. Foreign essay service
  2. Many, many online claims of being scam artists
  3. Pretend to be in the US (misleading the public)

Our Verdict:

Man, this is bad, folks. They claim to be in the US, but clearly are not. The complaints online (and there are MANY) say the service is from the Ukraine. We don’t know where they’re from, only that it’s not the US or Canada.

They are eager to discount the price 80% and beyond just to close the deal fast. No professional essay service would do that!

They operate under multiple business names, meaning you could get burned by one essay service, only to get them again under eWriting Pal, or some other name.

Whatever. Honestly, there are too many cons to list them all. Turn and run, don’t walk, away from eWriting Pal (also known as Professor’s Den). Ick.

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